We can’t figure out exactly why but Bernie reminds us of a lawyer. Stoic, observant, a humble intellect and a big heart underneath it all! This boy longs for nothing more than to be your partner, but will need a firm reassurance that everything will turn out ok! Once his confidence has crescendoed- you can find Bernie analyzing every nook and cranny in the room or buddying up to a fellow beta-leaning brother. Being inquisitive, affectionate, and having a heart that stays sheepishly hidden until he’s declared his love for you by laying at your feet is what sets Bernie apart from the others! Bernie would make a great lap dog- but only if you’re developing his intelligence by filling it with PBS-like shows or slowly teaching him new skills! If you like a pup who is hungry for knowledge while still keeping super mellow- do not wait or litigate- Bernie is the boy for you!


Paw-Paw (Father)

Weight: 16
Sex: Male
Registration: AKC

Denise (Mother)

Weight: 13lb
Sex: Female
Registration: AKC