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On our sweet Carleigh’s first

On our sweet Carleigh’s first birthday I felt compelled to finally write this review with an immense amount of gratitude. Carleigh is our second cavalier who we brought into our lives roughly 4 months after we lost our first. Carleigh means the world to us and our two daughters, who adore her and love helping take care of her and watching her grow. The first time I spoke to the breeder on the phone I knew I was making the right decision getting a puppy through them. He was so patient and kind. He answered all of my questions, was very knowledgeable and passionate about cavaliers & even offered a service to deliver our sweet puppy to us. He kept in touch after we got her to check in & made himself available to me when I had questions or concerns. What a great experience, one I would do over again and again. Thank you Carlisle!!!

Amanda Morris

I recently purchased a puppy

I recently purchased a puppy from Myron, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I told him exactly what I was looking for… a loving and affectionate male cavalier and that’s exactly what I got! We had just lost a 15 year old Blenheim and I never thought I’d be able to find another dog like him, but our new little guy is exactly like him! He’s lovable, well behaved, and smart. I can’t recommend Myron enough. It was a pleasure working with him. He matched the puppy up to exactly what I told him I was looking for. On a side-note, he had the puppy delivered at a reasonable price, and the delivery went very smoothly. It was a great experience all around.

Kathy Ruane

First off the breeder is

First off the breeder is phenomenal. He cares about the puppies and wants to make sure they go to a great home where they will be loved. The puppies themselves are bar none the absolute top of the line Cavaliers you will ever find. I purchased two sisters from him and they’re smart, sweet, playful and beautiful pups.

Nathaly Door

I researched extensively before choosing

I researched extensively before choosing Carlisle Cavaliers and I’m so glad I did. Myron was hugely responsive and sent photo and video updates at least weekly, then helped to make Gracie’s transition to NYC very smooth. Two months later, Gracie is a thriving puppy who loves snuggles and charms everyone with her sweet spirit.

Naomi Jackson

They way Carlisle Cavaliers works

They way Carlisle Cavaliers works with people is both very professional and extremely caring. In the past, I had Shepherds and a Golden from local breeders and had no idea what it was like “out there” now. My experience weeding through the internet was not good and included many non-reputable people (to put it nicely). When I found Carlisle, Myron was extremely patient while I asked many questions about his dogs, their papers, medical records, shipping options, etc. I even cross referenced Myron’s website award picture against the information for that show (independent source) to make sure this time I was dealing with a reputable breeder. Not only is Carlisle great with raising puppies, but they clearly care about their puppies–and it shows. Even the delivery people they use were well chosen. My puppy is wonderful and beautiful and I could write pages about her. You are in good hands with Carlisle Cavaliers if you are looking for a great companion. I now understand why so many people have at least two of these dogs! Thank you Myron.

MaryAnne Kirgan

We adopted our very first

We adopted our very first puppy from Carslie. Myron has been very supportive on the whole process even though we apparently appears newbies. Our puppy arrived healthy and he really is the cutest little creature we have ever seen. He has the dreamy personality that is confident, sweet and very easy going. He just loves people, other pets and especially kids. We feel really lucky that we have him as our very first puppy and really appreciate Myron and Anna for sending this angel to our family.

Tian Zhao

My experience at Carlisle

My experience at Carlisle Cavaliers was just wonderful. Myron was very helpful answering questions and getting me in touch with the trainer they work with to answer all my questions. Picking up my beautiful boy was so great. I got to meet Freddie’s mom and dad. He was freshly bathed and even had a little care package to go home with him. You can tell immediately what caring environment it is. We have been home a week and Freddie is everything they said he was. Fabulously frisky and cuddlingly loving!

Darlene Bedard

We have had several Cavaliers

We have had several Cavaliers over the years, but our experience with Carlisle Cavaliers was probably the best we’ve had. Myron was great in answering all our questions leading up to picking up our boy, Dexter. We especially love the fact that the parent’s DNA results are provided – this was VERY important to us. I have to say that we are so crazy in love with our healthy and super happy puppy (he’s now almost a year and a half!). He’s so silly and fun and is SO EXTRA SWEET! He likes to give us hugs (no joke – he literally puts his paws around our necks to give us hugs). I’m only sorry it’s taken me so long to write a review about this wonderful breeder! Thank you Myron and Anna Mae!

Diana Scott


My boyfriend and I have always wanted a cav to complete our family and when it came time for us to be ready, it was important to us to find a breeder attentive to the breed’s health conditions. We had done our research and once we found Myron and Anna Mae we knew it was the perfect fit. We were immediately provided with the health information of our puppy’s parents and their communication throughout the entire process made us feel reassured as first time puppy owners. They answered all of our questions immediately, sent pictures/videos of our puppy as she grew, and even followed up with us once we got her to ensure she was settling in ok. Our puppy is now almost 5 months old and she adapted immediately to her new environment. She is well socialized and caught onto potty training quicker than we expected. We cannot recommend Carlisle Cavaliers enough and could not imagine getting our puppy from anyone else.

Ariel - Pennsylvania

Scott and Sher

Carlisle Cavaliers provided an excellent experience from initial inquiry, to dog selection, and when we were able to pick up our sweet tricolor Sophie Mae. I am so happy I found this great breeder and can’t say enough good things about them. I highly recommend to anyone wanting the phenomenal love sponge called the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Scott and Sher - Ohio


They were very helpful and kind throughout the process. This puppy is so amazing! He is so precious and very sweet natured, yet steals the show with his antics and energy! He is so endearing and has captured our hearts. We’ve had him less than a month, and already he totally gets the idea of potty training. He immediately goes every time we take him outside. He knows how to sit, lay down, come, and fetch a ball already!!! We are totally in love with our little Edison! The brightest addition to our family!! Thank you so very much Carisle Cavaliers!!

Susan - Michigan


Myron and Anna Mae were very kind and helpful. Myron answered lots of questions prior to us picking up our puppy and followed up with us afterwards to see how things were going. We love our new puppy! He’s in great health and is as sweet as can be. We would definitely adopt another puppy from them and high recommend Carlisle Cavaliers!

Lisa - Illinois

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