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  • I was so hesitant about getting a puppy that was not within driving distance of my home, but I simply could not find an acceptable breeder close by. I have been a Cavalier Mom since 2006, so I know the breed well and I knew I wanted two more after I lost my beloved Cooper and Sophie at 14 and 15 years old in 2019. It was very reassuring to see the evidence of the health testing done by Carlisle Cavaliers. Myron was so patient and kind through the whole process, always took my calls and emails, answering all of my questions and concerns. He sent photos and videos regularly, and every time I asked. I chose two puppies, and he kept them together from the time I selected them. He also happily agreed to keep them several extra weeks to accommodate some business travel obligations I had. I was nervous about them traveling unaccompanied, but I was kept well informed of their travel plans and progress, and they arrived in perfect condition and on time. Oliver and Sadie are so sweet and well-adjusted, and they have the perfect Cavalier temperament. I never thought I could love new puppies as much as I did my Cooper and Sophie, but I feel so blessed to be Oliver and Sadie’s Momma. Thank you Myron and Anna Mae for my sweet furbabies. ❤️
  • I just realized how long my review is. Since there’s a chance you won’t read to the end, here’s my summary: * If you’re considering a Cavalier King Charles, you’ll not meet a finer breeder than Myron. And I’m confident you’ll not find a finer dog than the one you’ll get from Carlisle Cavaliers * Myron is truly the most amazing breeder I’ve ever met. Pearl is exquisite. So beautiful, funny, smart, confident... When I contacted Carlisle Cavaliers Myron described each puppy he had available. He didn’t know if I’d buy a puppy. But he spent so much time with me over the course of a week+ answering all my questions without ever pressuring me even in the least (Never!) to buy. His love, dedication, and pride in each of his dogs shone through all he did and said. Once I chose Pearl he sent pictures and updates regularly. And a video that was absolutely adorable. Again he was immediately responsive to my emails. No matter the subject. I chose Pearl because I just knew she’d be a perfect pet. And I knew she’d provide emotional support for my regular panic attacks She’s already got that nailed and she’s not even 3 months old. She’s also almost completely housebroken! My dream was to find a dog that would happily become a successful service dog. The chance of having Pearl be that dog would be about one in a million! Well I just consulted with a woman who’s been professionally training service dogs for 15 years. She was taken aback by Pearl and her strong potential as a service dog for my bipolar. NO. She was not saying this so I’d hire her to train Pearl. In fact she knew that wasn’t my intention. I’m happy to speak to you about my experience with Carlisle Cavaliers. Thank you!
  • I was amazed by this breeder! I bought Gary in March 2020 and Miron was super nice to show me several videos to make me decide the best puppy! Gary came by plain and got here safe and happy! Very recommend this breeder! Thanks a lot! Best Lucila
    New York
  • This photo is of puppy Khloe(now Maya), who traveled all the way to Cusco, Peru to join her forever family, She is such a lovely addition to their family and they love her so! Your extra work making sure all the paperwork was perfect for customs was really appreciated. Our family (Ed and Donna) added Kris and she is being well loved by us and our fur children Soix :(Cavacon and Copper (Cavalier). We were fortunate to find such a great breeder!