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  • We bought a puppy from Myron and Anna Mae. We named him Leopold (Leo) Charles. We could not be happier with Leo. He is a special little guy and we love him very much. Myron and Anna Mae are very special people and we highly recommend them.
  • My boyfriend and I have always wanted a cav to complete our family and when it came time for us to be ready, it was important to us to find a breeder attentive to the breed’s health conditions. We had done our research and once we found Myron and Anna Mae we knew it was the perfect fit. We were immediately provided with the health information of our puppy’s parents and their communication throughout the entire process made us feel reassured as first time puppy owners. They answered all of our questions immediately, sent pictures/videos of our puppy as she grew, and even followed up with us once we got her to ensure she was settling in ok. Our puppy is now almost 5 months old and she adapted immediately to her new environment. She is well socialized and caught onto potty training quicker than we expected. We cannot recommend Carlisle Cavaliers enough and could not imagine getting our puppy from anyone else.
  • Myron and Anna Mae were very kind and helpful. Myron answered lots of questions prior to us picking up our puppy and followed up with us afterwards to see how things were going. We love our new puppy! He’s in great health and is as sweet as can be. We would definitely adopt another puppy from them and high recommend Carlisle Cavaliers!
  • They were very helpful and kind throughout the process. This puppy is so amazing! He is so precious and very sweet natured, yet steals the show with his antics and energy! He is so endearing and has captured our hearts. We’ve had him less than a month, and already he totally gets the idea of potty training. He immediately goes every time we take him outside. He knows how to sit, lay down, come, and fetch a ball already!!! We are totally in love with our little Edison! The brightest addition to our family!! Thank you so very much Carisle Cavaliers!!
  • Carlisle Cavaliers provided an excellent experience from initial inquiry, to dog selection, and when we were able to pick up our sweet tricolor Sophie Mae. I am so happy I found this great breeder and can't say enough good things about them. I highly recommend to anyone wanting the phenomenal love sponge called the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.
    Scott and Sher
  • We picked up Finn 2 years ago his parents were Kevin and Cinnamon he is the best boy! In fact we enjoy him so much we may get another one from Carlisle Cavaliers. Myron and his family make sure these great pups are socialized as well as healthy with all the documents to add peace of mind. Thanks again
    Jody & Ariana
  • I have been a veterinarian for 20 years, so I am quite picky when it comes to what I look for in a breeder. I was very impressed with Carlisle Cavaliers through the whole process and give them my full recommendation. It is especially important with King Charles Cavalier Spaniels, since they have numerous health issues, to find a breeder that is working hard to improve the breed. Just having AKC registered puppies is not enough. It is crucial that a good breeder goes through the extra time, expense, and effort to have all their breeding adults OFA certified for multiple conditions. The Millers do this, and provide the certificates online and hard copies as well. They welcomed us for multiple visits to their home, where we got to meet both of the puppy's parents as well as spend time with all the littermates. Not all breeders do this step either. The videos on the website are a great feature, because they let you get a feel for each dog. Something that we noticed was that all the pups were very happy, people-oriented, not fearful or apprehensive, and lots of wagging tails. This tells you that they have had good socialization. As a vet, I have seen my fair share of breeders who are not doing things right and put profit as their priority over the animals. However, I cannot speak highly enough of Carlisle Cavaliers as a breeder that is going above and beyond to be sure that they are putting out healthy, well-socialized dogs. Dr. June Huff DVM (and Scout!)
    Dr. June Huff DVM
  • we got milo & scotti 2 yrs ago they have no health problems and are 2 of the best puppies we have had, these people are great breeders!
  • I picked my new Puppy Jade last Saturday and the breeder, Myron and Anna May were very kind and helpful. I have not had a puppy in 20 years so they helped remind me of many things I might have forgotten. I am enjoying Jade so much. She is a happy, healthy and well adjusted puppy.
  • Our vet recommended Carlisle Cavilers to us when we were looking for our boy. Myron and Anna raise quality Cavilers and we couldn’t be more pleased with our Toby, he’s beautiful, smart, loving and a constant companion. Thank you Myron and Anna!
  • We just got our puppy and we’re sooo in love! Madilyn is the perfect fit for our family! Myron and Anna Mae were fantastic and very communicative throughout the whole process. It was a great experience and we highly recommend them for your future puppy! McKillop Family Trafford, Pennsylvania
  • I just got my Cavalier from Myron and could not be happier! Such a happy, affectionate, loving and sweet little puppy. He sleeps through the night without any problem and training has been a breeze! Myron kept me updated on progress each week with adorable photos and videos and was so helpful keeping me informed about my puppy’s health and growth. Could not recommend more!!!
    New York
  • I purchased a puppy from Myron & Anna Mae just three days ago. I had to wait about two and a half months until she was old enough to leave her mother. During the waiting period I was kept well updated as to her growth with weekly pictures. The sun rises and sets on our love for this adorable fur baby! All thanks To Carlisle Cavaliers!!
  • Our family absolutely in love with the new addition to the family - cavalier puppy, Olive. We were able to meet his parents and have stayed in close touch with the owners. They are very helpful and thoughtful! The puppy came home almost potty trained - not sure if we just got lucky, or the farm was doing something right! Highly recommend.
  • This is our Second puppy we purchased from Myron and and Anna Mae. They made the process very easy and were very great along the way. We received weekly updates and pictures . We were sent home with food a little goody bag with a blanket and a toy and , knowledge of all his vaccinations and things we can do to further his health. We have info about his mom and dad. We even got to meet them as well. We love him and is wonderful addition to our family .. thanks so much!!! ❤️❤️
    Tracy and Michael
  • we bought our puppy here, her name was Macy, now it's Eva. She is the sweetest most lovable puppy just turned a year. We could not love her more. She is a blenheim
    South Carolina
  • Myron and Anna Mae were so great to work with. We had our sweet puppy delivered to us in Nashville driven by a wonderful woman they hire for transport. We love our little tri-color cavalier and are thankful to Myron and Anna Mae for breeding such awesome puppies!! They sent us pictures every Tuesday with her development! Loved our Tuesday's with Daisy!!!
    Daniel and Nora
  • We welcomed our sweet Millie January 13th and we are so happy to have her. She’s adorable. We wanted to thank the Millers for their exceptional care of her and for making this experience such a positive one. From our first inquiry we never doubted our decision and they have provided beyond our expectations. The weekly pictures of Millie were a delight and my every question was answered in record time. They have even checked on Millie after her arrival to make sure she was settling in. We really appreciate everything. It’s been beyond five Star!
    South Carolina
  • Myron and Anna Mae were a delight to work with, as I selected the newest member of my family. They answered all of my nervous new-mom questions promptly and patiently; and my favorite day of the week quickly became Tuesday, when they would share pictures and videos of my pup, from 2wks through 10wks of age. With the pandemic, I was nervous about flying from Arizona to Ohio to pick him up, and felt badly about putting him through ground shipping. Myron connected me with a nanny he trusted to fly my Poppy to me. He arrived safe and sound in a carrier that came with a blanket (that smelled of his parents, to ease his homesickness and transition) and a bag of dog food. Poppy came to me happy, socialized, and practically potty trained. He has had no accidents in his crate and is such a loving and personable pup. I am already thinking of adopting another Cavalier when Poppy is older and will definitely work with Carlisle again. Thank you so much, Myron and Anna Mae!
  • We adore our new puppy! She’s the perfect addition to our family! Our 8 year old tri is loving her too! Myron & Anna Mae we’re easy to work with. They answered all of our questions! We eagerly awaited our weekly photo to see how our new pup was growing!! Thank you!
  • Our experience with Carlisle Cavaliers was wonderful from start to finish. Myron and Anna Mae were very helpful and professional, promptly answering all of our questions and providing weekly photos of the puppy. They arranged transport of the pup from Ohio to Connecticut. He arrived on time and in fine spirits. He is a beautiful, sweet, curious puppy who immediately fit right in with our family. It was obvious that he had been well cared for. Myron and Anna Mae are justifiably proud of their pups. Our long-time veterinarian was impressed with the care the pup had received before he came to us, and said he was in great condition. Myron has followed up with me several times since the pup arrived to see how he is doing. We consider ourselves lucky to have found Carlisle Cavaliers. I recommend them wholeheartedly.
    Mary Anne
  • I bought my tri color cavalier from Myron in August 2020. The entire process was seamless. Myron was very professional and provided updates on the puppy. They provided the parent's health certificate and updates on the puppy vet visits. I used the land transport service and for a reasonable price, it made the process so easy.
    New Jersey
  • we couldnt be happier with our little Nino! He is beautiful, healthy and smart due to excellent and caring breeding from Carlisle Cavaliers. We would recommend Myron and AnnaMae. They are professional and caring.
  • We made our way to Ohio 3 weeks ago to pick up our little angel. We had a great experience with Myron and Edna Mae selecting and getting our new family member. Myron kept us up to date every step of the way. We got all the health info to feel comfortable with her breeding. We met our baby’s doggie mom and dad at the Miller’s beautiful house in the rolling hills of Walnut Creek. Thank you so much!!
  • Absolute wonderful experience! From the moment I reached out inquiring straight thru to pick up, the contact and information provided was wonderful! Myron & AnnaMae were such a pleasure to work with & meet. We could not be happier with our new addition, Lily Bleu~ Carlisle Caviliers is your way to go if you are wanting a loving, family friendly Cavalier. Thank you again!!
    New York
  • I was so hesitant about getting a puppy that was not within driving distance of my home, but I simply could not find an acceptable breeder close by. I have been a Cavalier Mom since 2006, so I know the breed well and I knew I wanted two more after I lost my beloved Cooper and Sophie at 14 and 15 years old in 2019. It was very reassuring to see the evidence of the health testing done by Carlisle Cavaliers. Myron was so patient and kind through the whole process, always took my calls and emails, answering all of my questions and concerns. He sent photos and videos regularly, and every time I asked. I chose two puppies, and he kept them together from the time I selected them. He also happily agreed to keep them several extra weeks to accommodate some business travel obligations I had. I was nervous about them traveling unaccompanied, but I was kept well informed of their travel plans and progress, and they arrived in perfect condition and on time. Oliver and Sadie are so sweet and well-adjusted, and they have the perfect Cavalier temperament. I never thought I could love new puppies as much as I did my Cooper and Sophie, but I feel so blessed to be Oliver and Sadie’s Momma. Thank you Myron and Anna Mae for my sweet furbabies. ❤️
  • I just realized how long my review is. Since there’s a chance you won’t read to the end, here’s my summary: * If you’re considering a Cavalier King Charles, you’ll not meet a finer breeder than Myron. And I’m confident you’ll not find a finer dog than the one you’ll get from Carlisle Cavaliers * Myron is truly the most amazing breeder I’ve ever met. Pearl is exquisite. So beautiful, funny, smart, confident... When I contacted Carlisle Cavaliers Myron described each puppy he had available. He didn’t know if I’d buy a puppy. But he spent so much time with me over the course of a week+ answering all my questions without ever pressuring me even in the least (Never!) to buy. His love, dedication, and pride in each of his dogs shone through all he did and said. Once I chose Pearl he sent pictures and updates regularly. And a video that was absolutely adorable. Again he was immediately responsive to my emails. No matter the subject. I chose Pearl because I just knew she’d be a perfect pet. And I knew she’d provide emotional support for my regular panic attacks She’s already got that nailed and she’s not even 3 months old. She’s also almost completely housebroken! My dream was to find a dog that would happily become a successful service dog. The chance of having Pearl be that dog would be about one in a million! Well I just consulted with a woman who’s been professionally training service dogs for 15 years. She was taken aback by Pearl and her strong potential as a service dog for my bipolar. NO. She was not saying this so I’d hire her to train Pearl. In fact she knew that wasn’t my intention. I’m happy to speak to you about my experience with Carlisle Cavaliers. Thank you!
  • I was amazed by this breeder! I bought Gary in March 2020 and Miron was super nice to show me several videos to make me decide the best puppy! Gary came by plain and got here safe and happy! Very recommend this breeder! Thanks a lot! Best Lucila
    New York
  • This photo is of puppy Khloe(now Maya), who traveled all the way to Cusco, Peru to join her forever family, She is such a lovely addition to their family and they love her so! Your extra work making sure all the paperwork was perfect for customs was really appreciated. Our family (Ed and Donna) added Kris and she is being well loved by us and our fur children Soix :(Cavacon and Copper (Cavalier). We were fortunate to find such a great breeder!
  • Our family contacted Carlisle Cavalier after we had to say goodbye to our 10 years old black & tan Maddy, we said goodbye to her brother Brody 1 year earlier. They were amazing and so helpful! Myron & Anna Mae answered every question I had and gave us nice options! We decide on a Tri female who was born on May 17. They helped with shipping details, food selection and sent us weekly videos & picture until she could come home to us. Paisley is perfect and has brought so much joy to our lives! Our family would highly recommend Carlisle Cavalier to bring your fur baby home! The Blanchard Family
  • We are very happy to have had the adoption of our first puppy through Carlisle Cavalier. Mrs. Myron was a sincere and professional person throughout the whole process as well as we appreciate all documentation received in our puppy. Prior pick up our puppy we really enjoyed Mrs. Myron weekly pictures updates regard our puppy "Jackson" it was adorable. After three weeks with Jackson, we can say that we have a healthy, playful and smart puppy at home. Without hesitation I would like to recommend the Miller family, if you are planning to adopt a puppy. Valles Family, Ft. Drum NY
    New York
  • Thank you so much for going the extra mile & getting our little Harley to us so quickly & saftly all the way from Ohio to South Florida! He is in perfect heath our Vet said yesterday. “ “ You were lucky to find such a fine breeder “ We feel the same way. Thanks for everything!
    Patti & Tom
  • I could write a book on our little "Bella" already. She is so perfect in every way possible. They answered all my questions. Kept me updated on her until we were able to get her. It's like she has been apart of our family for years, and it's only been 2 days. If we ever got another cavie baby, we are definitely coming back to Carlisle Cavaliers!
  • We had a wonderful experience getting our puppy with Carlisle Cavaliers. Both owners were very kind and accommodating. We were able to see our sweet boy the same day I called about him. Their home was clean and inviting and all the puppies were well cared for and happy!
  • Our experience with Carlisle Cavaliers was 5 star from start to finish!! We surprised our 8 year old daughter with Lily on a beautiful Friday morning, and we’ve all been in Love with her ever since!! She arrived well loved, healthy and clean!! Thank you Carlisle Cavaliers, Myron and Family, for a wonderful experience!!!
  • I had many email conversations before purchasing my tri Cavaliers. I went to Myron's home to pick up the little girl and came home with two siblings. They are adorable Bijoux and Josie. They have slept through the night since day one and are well on their way to being housebroken. They have received a clean bill of health from my vet. I would highly recommend Myron as a breeder of choice. Thank you Myron for two wonderful girls. Pictures are in the gallery.
  • I bought Jake from the miller family and he is just absolutely perfect:) The first night he was already going to the door to go potty outside! They are a amazing breed:) The miller family was extremely helpful and prompt at messaging me back answering all my questions. They sent me vet records, pictures of the mom and dad, and multiple pictures of Jake:)They even helped me out with finding different products for cavaliers. My husband and I was going to go get him in Ohio but I was unable to get off work so we had him ground shipped to us. the experience was great. the animal company that brought him to me called when he was picked up and when they were a hour away from me. The miller family even messaged me to make sure he arrived safely:) It was hands down a great experience and if I wanted to add another cavalier to my family one day I will buy from the miller family because they are amazing breeders:)
  • This was my first experience purchasing a puppy long distance, and Myron made the process a breeze! From our very first conversation, Myron answered all of our questions in a timely, honest fashion, and went out of his way to send pictures of the pup's parents, health records, and the pup himself. Myron was available every day from the initial transaction until he was safely in our arms... he even checked in to make sure the puppy arrived safely and everything was going smoothly. Our puppy Alex, (now Ollie) is beautiful, happy, and healthy! He arrived with all of his health records and AKC registration as promised! He never meets a stranger, and wasn't even shy on his first day in his new home... pretty impressive! He is perfect and we are in love. I would recommend Carlisle Cavaliers to any one looking for a Cavalier, and we will work with Myron in the future.
  • In today's world, its hard to purchase a puppy off the internet as you are unsure of the validity. We had nothing but an amazing experience with Myron and his family. Myron was very responsive to every email that was sent and provide us with pictures an updates daily. The puppy we had chosen got hurt and he was very upfront with us about what happened and what our options were. We ended up taking the brother and will also be getting the original puppy we chose. Myron worked with us to take both puppies an was very accommodating on when we can come back to get the second pup. I highly recommend the Miller family. We would purchase again from them in the future. Thank you Miller family for providing us with beautiful puppies.
  • The Miller family was very kind when we arrived to pick up our Ella. They had the Mother & Father of Ella available for us to look at, upon our request. Myron & his family answered all of our questions promptly & in a timely fashion. They were very honest & forthright. We received all the appropriate paperwork. Ella is very healthy & happy. We had her to our vet & she got a clean bill of health. She makes our family complete!!! She's adorable & we are in love with her!!!
  • The Miller family is excellent when it comes to breeding beautiful cavalier spaniels. Ranging from the initiation and promptness of talks, all the way to making sure all my questions were answered and all my doubts clarified before AND after we got our puppy, Myron was extremely professional in scheduling calls, sending prompt emails, and making sure I was informed of all aspects before the puppy found his way to us. He was cognizant of not selling the puppy to us before he was at least 8 weeks old, so that they could start living away from their mother with more independence. If given a chance, I will gladly recommend him to all my friends and colleagues who need a charles spaniel. Thank you, Myron. You were a good breeder.