A Cavalier King Charles puppy

Theo Temperament Description

Bursting with the playful confidence of a small stuntman- Theo’s vivacious love for life and infectious joy can get anyone in the mood for fun! This boy is smart- but never uses his intelligence and boldness to be a bully- think of him giving off the same vibe as a SoCal skater who just wants the thrill of doing some tricks for the extra rush of happiness without any of the drama of being dominant! In fact- Theo truly has a tender heart under all those zippy antics and often gets harassed by other males at the kennel who might feel he’s a bit ‘too big for his britches.’ Any jealousy posed by others is just water off his back and will turn the negative into a positive play time! If you are looking for a puppy who is so so sweet but a bit sporty and silly too- Theo is ready to say ‘Kowabunga’ with you! 


Rascal (Father)

Weight: 16lb
Sex: Male
Registration: AKC

Quincy (Mother)

Weight: 14lb
Sex: Female
Registration: AKC