These are all the puppies we currently have waiting for adoption. Unless they are marked 'SOLD' or 'ON HOLD,' all of them are ready to come home with you today! Regardless of the final price, the deposit for all of our puppies is $350. If you wish to reserve one of our puppies, please click the button and you'll be taken through the payment process.

AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies for Sale in Plano, TX

Adopted King Charles Cavalier

Female, Tricolor , Champion Blood Lines
Birthdate: 01/03/2024
14 Weeks Old - Ready to adopt 03/06/2024
On Hold
Female, Blenheim
Birthdate: 02/05/2024
10 Weeks Old - Ready to adopt 04/08/2024
On Hold
Male, Tricolor
Birthdate: 02/03/2024
10 Weeks Old - Ready to adopt 04/06/2024
On Hold

If you’re in the market for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies in Plano, TX, then Carlisle Cavaliers has you covered. For the past two plus decades, we’ve been the go-to for puppy lovers in Plano, Texas looking for the perfect pet for their home.

We sell Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and work tirelessly to only produce the best pups. Your dog is socialized from day one and can serve a variety of pet needs. For example, if you’re a homebody who wants a furry friend to cuddle with, then our dogs are just right for you. However, if you prefer a dog you can walk around with in the park and receive the countless benefits of fresh air, our dogs can also fill that void in your life.

Reasons to Choose Carlisle Cavaliers

Our puppies are fun, loving and adorable. Each of our parents are AKC registered, so you can feel rest assured knowing you’re receiving a healthy pup. More, many of our dogs actually come from champion bloodlines. We want our clients to feel confident in their purchase, which is why we guarantee a puppy free of genetic defects and provide a limited AKC registration. We also offer a one-year health guarantee. In short, our reputation is everything, which is why we go above and beyond to make our customers feel at east about their purchase.

If you have any questions about the puppies we have for sale in Plano, TX, contact us today.