Pumpkin Temperament Description

A tender heart with his mind made up that he’s got something to prove, pumpkin reminds us of the underdog at a CrossFit competition giving his very best try to succeed in all things! Our boy is the perfect balance between his two sisters- playful, confident, and a bit of a scoundrel but has a super tender inside that turn his mannerisms from tough guy to the affectionate sweet soul ready to win over every heart he encounters! Pumpkin has the gumption to play alone or is happy to hang alongside others for mutual fun! If you are looking for a playful pup who will put on a spectacle before snuggling up and kissing you with joyful delight- Pumpkin is ready to spice up your life!


Jet (Father)

Weight: 18
Sex: Male
Registration: AKC

Denise (Mother)

Weight: 12lb
Sex: Female
Registration: AKC