Olive Temperament Description

Do you have a friend who everyone loves, always is a must invite guest at your social functions, and morphs into the best wing woman no matter the adventure? We have one too and her name is Olive! We are absolutely in love with this puppy’s natural contentment that is rooted in a confidence that there’s very little in life to worry about when there’s so much to play with and so much to discover! Olive can be seen around the kennel trotting around with a prized toy in her mouth, clumsily tackling her sister Olly to bring her seriousness down a few notches, or showering us with kisses to let us know how truly happy she is to be alive! If you are looking for a well balanced dog who would give your kids the quintessential canine companionship they crave- Olive would be a top pick!


man with dog at dog show
two men at dog show

Huntmagic Goodwill (Father)

Weight: 18
Sex: Male
Registration: AKC

Iris (Mother)

Weight: 15
Sex: Female
Registration: AKC