Isla Temperament Description

Marching to the beat of her own drum, Isla has an imagination and an independent soul that can keep her entertained for hours! This Cavalier King Charles puppy is a problem solver with an inner confidence to figure out every detail of her surroundings one scent, one sound, and one eye catching color at a time! We love that she acts like the life of her own party, plays well with others and keeps a sustained mellow energy! Isla is friendly towards humans and other dogs but won’t let anyone take advantage of her kind drama-free vibes! If you are looking for a girl that is one part peace loving hippie, one part creative visionary, and two parts nerdy inspector- Isla is the one for you! 


Jet (Huntmagic Gangster) (Father)

Weight: 18
Sex: Male
Registration: AKC

Pixie (Mother)

Weight: 16lb
Sex: Female
Registration: AKC