Curious, sweet, and has the personality of a little socialite, Gypsy meanders through life as a bit of an independent girl playing and exploring on her own but appreciates the protective nature of her dashing brother Garth if things seem to get sketchy. This puppy may be a hard sell when trying to invade the inner workings of her heart, but once you crack the code you will be in her heart for life. Loyalty will win over despite her natural tendencies toward autonomy. Gypsy lives up to her name by being very sweet, alluring, and a bit of a rebel so we hope she finds a forever family who can give her the love and protection through proper leadership that she craves!


Rascal (Father)

Weight: 16lb
Sex: Male
Registration: AKC

Lexie (Mother)

Weight: 15lb
Sex: Female
Registration: AKC