Graham Temperament Description

If Graham had a profession he would be the perfect marching band conductor with a pizazz and social stamina that could win over an entire town! He is happy, friendly, and tries to recruit everyone to play along with his toys and be part of the plot line of his fun-loving imagination! Our boy can be seen doing zoomies around the room living like variety is the spice of his life just as much as chillaxing watching the world go by! One thing is certain- Graham has the brains AND the heart to be the joyful influence everyone is craving in their lives! Whether you have a grumpy cat to contend with or a house full of kids pulling you in every different direction- Graham is going to make the most out of every soul he seeks to graft into his joyful life!


Tricolor King Charles Cavalier in grass

Atos (Father)

Weight: 15lb
Sex: Male
Registration: AKC

Sophie (Mother)

Weight: 14lb
Sex: Female
Registration: AKC